Lou It Yourself Zero Thirst Bath Bomb

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Lou It Yourself Zero Thirst Bath Bomb- Press sample

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a certified bath bomb addict. There are a couple of main variables that go into a good bath bomb. Does it smell nice, is it moisturizing, does it float, and does it leave obnoxious residue on my tub that I have to scrub out later. I bet you weren't expecting that last one.

bath bomb packaging
Lou It Yourself Zero Thirst Bath Bomb
Cute packaging is a win! I don't need my bath bombs to come in cute packaging, but I certainly don't hate it.

bath bomb packaging

Peep those ingredients. They are what I would expect to see in a good bath bomb. So far, so good.

bath bomb

I didn't grab a tub photo of this because I actually wanted to enjoy the experience. This bomb isn't packed with any crazy special effects, so you really only missed out on seeing my tub with a bath bomb in it. 

The scent was pleasant but not overpowering. I will admit that I was a bit concerned about the champagne smell, but I found it quite enjoyable. The bath bomb itself was moisturizing but not greasy, so I didn't feel the need to rinse off in the shower afterward. It is indeed a floater, and not a sinker. Lastly, I did not have to scrub residue off my tub, so I found this whole experience to be quite relaxing. 

You can pick up your own Lou It Yourself Zero Thirst bath bomb in her shop linked below.

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