Baroness X Ecto Set

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great week so far. Today's post features the Baroness X Ecto Set that was released last autumn. This set is crazy fun, and a good example of why you should keep an eye on upcoming releases.

Baroness X Ecto Set

nail polish set
Baroness X Ecto Set
The Baroness X Ecto Set came with a Vegan Jelly Soap in "Ectopunch" scent, Ectofizz (the green sister polish to Baroness X Fluorofizz), and an Acetone Antidote in "Stay Puft" scent.

Vegan Jelly Soap

uv reactive soap
Baroness X Vegan Jelly Soap in "Ectopunch"

This was my first experience with the Vegan Jelly Soap, and let me tell you that I'm entirely in love. It's super fun and wiggly. It's basically the Flubber of the soap world. Some people might be annoyed by dropping soap but I cracked up every time I lost control of it. If you don't want to drop the soap and laugh until your sides hurt you can always tear off a small piece to use. 

Acetone Antidote in "Stay Puft"

acetone additive vial
Baroness X Acetone Antidote in "Stay Puft"

The Baroness X Acetone Antidote is a great way to level up your acetone. Alone, acetone can be quite drying, but with the aid of a Baroness X Acetone Antidote you can use your acetone without worrying about the dryness. It's like getting all the removing power of acetone with the gentle feeling of non-acetone remover. The Stay Puft scent is a real winner for me because it smells like baked goods, marshmallows and possibly buttercream frosting. It's difficult to nail down, but I really enjoy it.


nail polish bottle
Baroness X Ectofizz

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Neon green jelly packed with holo and black glitter
Coverage: 2 coats over Zoya Purity
Notes: This shade can be worn without a base color, but it does tend to show the visible nail line (vnl)when worn that way. I'm not fond of the vnl, so I opted to wear it over white.

uv reactive nail polish

I couldn't not use a blacklight on this spooky neon! I think it looks great both ways, but if I could walk around with a blacklight shining on my nails 24/7 I wouldn't be mad about it.

While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, this set is no longer available. You can find similar items in stock on the Baroness X website (with the exception of Ectofizz).

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