Born Pretty Floral Design featuring Native War Paints

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Born Pretty Floral Design featuring Native War Paints- press sample

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great week so far. I'm back with some new items from the Born Pretty store. Today's post is going to focus on Born Pretty Floral Design plate (item 36310), and Born Pretty Odor-Free Latex Cuticle Guard (item 36614 color 4).

floral stamping plate
Born Pretty Floral Design plate (item 36310)
I've tried several images on this plate and they all stamp quite well. This is etched deeply, so most polishes should work well. Today's nail art uses the third image in on the top row. We will get back to that in a moment.

liquid latex cuticle guard
Born Pretty Odor-Free Latex Cuticle Guard (item 36614 color 4)

liquid latex cuticle guard

I wouldn't normally take photos of packaging, but the box this Odor-Free Latex Cuticle Guard came in was too cute to overlook. 

liquid latex cuticle guard

The cuticle guard works well despite how sheer it appears. It didn't leave behind residue like my other liquid latex product, and it doesn't have a weird smell. This also isn't chunky at all, which is a problem I have with my regular product. It's safe to say that I will be purchasing all of my cuticle guard products from Born Pretty in the future.

flower nail art

This turned out waaaaay darker than I intended, so it's difficult to see all of the detail. The stamping plate worked well with all of my stampers, and was super easy to clean. Instead of using my traditional black stamping polish for this look I used a thinner shade from Native War Paints. Under normal circumstances, I don't think it would have stamped. That just goes to show how well etched these plates are.

flower nail art

flower nail art

Products used

Use CBLW10 to receive 10% off any regularly priced items in the Born Pretty Store. Purchases do not give me any kind of financial incentive. Born Pretty will offer my readers a giveaway if the code is used enough times.


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