Born Pretty Floral Mandala featuring Painted Polish

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Born Pretty Floral Mandala featuring Painted Polish- Press sample

Hey guys! I'm back with another look at the Born Pretty Floral plate from yesterday. Since yesterday's look was so dark I wanted to take a lighter and brighter approach to this mani.

floral nail art

I started with a base of Painted Polish Charmed at the Chateau and Firecracker Polar Berry because I was feeling a serious need for sparkles. 

floral nail art

While my base colors were trying I worked on this decal using Bliss Polish Cuffed and Firecracker Lacquer Polar Berry. The color placement isn't perfect, but it was kind of difficult seeing as the gray is translucent enough to show a bit of color.

floral nail art

I'm fairly content with how this turned out. The colors go together so well, and the stamping plate was super easy to use.

floral nail art

Products used

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