Baby Panda Nail Art featuring Harunouta and Zoya

Friday, March 17, 2017

Baby Panda Nail Art featuring Harunouta and Zoya- Press sample

I'm feeling all the cute things right now. It's nearly spring, and baby animals are making their way into the world. I've shared cats, bunnies and a whole slew of animal nail art, but I haven't done any panda themed nails... until now.

panda nail art

When I picked out plates from Harunouta, I originally picked out the rabbit themed plate because it had adorable bunnies on it. I never realized that it had a couple of panda themed stamps until I saw it in person. I decided to highlight those stamps because of the adorable baby pandas. I mean, what's cuter than a rolly-polly baby panda? Ok, maybe a baby red panda, but you get what I mean.

panda nail art

panda nail art

panda nail art

Products used

Use COUT300 for 300JPY off any full priced items from Harunouta. Just a little tip for those of you who don't speak/read Japanese, you can click on the Google Translate button at the top right of the page to translate the website into your native language.

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