Neon Spring Bunnies featuring Bliss Polish and Harunouta

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Neon Spring Bunnies featuring Bliss Polish and Harunouta- Press sample

Hey guys! I'm back with a review of Harunouta Rabbit Plate L017 and a fun neon look for spring. I've loved Harunouta since I first laid eyes on them, so it's always wonderful to get my hands on the latest releases. Harounta L017 is primarily a rabbit themed plate, but there are pandas, a squirrel, and what I *think* are hamsters.

nail polish plate
Harunouta Rabbit Plate L017

Like all of the other Harunouta plates I've encountered, L017 is well etched and easy to use. The plate theme itself is quite cohesive unlike plates from other brands. While I like variety, I prefer to have a cohesive theme. I think Harunouta does a great job of providing variety while sticking to a theme. 

spring bunny nail art

I wanted to use the most detailed image on this plate since I thought that would really show off the design. I'm looking forward to spring, so the neon bunnies were just perfect for my mood.

spring bunny nail art

spring bunny nail art

 Products used

uv reactive nail art

As with most neons, I had to see how this would look with a blacklight. I was quite surprised to find that Sinful Colors Snow Me White wasn't nearly as uv reactive as all of the neons. Regardless of the white flop, I think this looks fun under a blacklight.

Use COUT300 for 300JPY off any full priced items from Harunouta. Just a little tip for those of you who don't speak/read Japanese, you can click on the Google Translate button at the top right of the page to translate the website into your native language.

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