Pusheen Bookworm Nail Art featuring Different Dimension and Harunouta

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pusheen Bookworm Nail Art featuring Different Dimension and Harunouta- Press sample

Hey guys! I have yet another Harunouta mani to share with you. As a certified cat lady, I knew I had to have this adorable cat themed plate the moment I laid eyes on it. With nearly infinite cat themed options this seemed like an obvious choice.

cat themed stamping plate
Harunouta Cat Plate L015
Like all Harunouta plates, the Harunouta Cat Plate L015 is perfectly etched and full of cute images. With forty cat themed images for 399JPY (about $3.53USD based on current exchange rates) that comes out to over ten images for $1. That's a steal!

pusheen cat nail art

With over forty images to choose from I had a difficult decision ahead... or so I thought. I was immediately drawn to the Pusheen images, so that helped narrow it down a bit. I'm slowly getting back into reading, so the Pusheen reading a book seemed perfect for the moment.

pusheen cat nail art

pusheen cat nail art

Products used

Use COUT300 for 300JPY off any full priced items from Harunouta. Just a little tip for those of you who don't speak/read Japanese, you can click on the Google Translate button at the top right of the page to translate the website into your native language.

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