Pusheen Eating Popcorn featuring Harunouta and Zoya

Monday, March 20, 2017

Pusheen Eating Popcorn featuring Harunouta and Zoya- Press sample

Hey guys! We've officially made it to spring, which means all the pastels are finally in season. I may wear what I want, but at least now I won't get major side-eye from those trendy folk.

pusheen nail art

Today's post is yet another Pusheen image from the Harunouta Cat plate L015. I'm officially addicted to Harunouta plates. I'd ask you to send help, but please don't. As you many have noticed in my Pusheen Bookworm post, there are quite a few Pusheen images on the Harunouta cat plate. After doing a book themed mani, I figured I would go for my next favorite thing... food! 

pusheen nail art

I mean, how cute is Pusheen shoveling popcorn into her mouth?!

pusheen nail art

Products used

  • Clear jelly stamper
  • Firecracker Lacquer- Canary Cavalcade, Seal the Deal
  • Harunouta- Cat plate L015 (item #34585)
  • Sinful Colors- Black on Black, Steel Reserve
  • Zoya- August, Lacey, Millie

Use COUT300 for 300JPY off any full priced items from Harunouta. Just a little tip for those of you who don't speak/read Japanese, you can click on the Google Translate button at the top right of the page to translate the website into your native language.

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