ILNP The Magician over Morgan Taylor Oh Parachute

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Oh Unicorn Pee! The magical pigment that drives people insane. It's most frequently associated with Clarins 230, but Unicorn Pee (as it's fondly called in the nail polish world) is found in many other nail polish shades. The pigment has been elusive and highly coveted since it was discontinued long ago. When ILNP announced that they had stumbled upon a stash of Unicorn Pee I just about lost my mind.

unicorn pee nail polish
ILNP The Magician

You see, there's a bit of a backstory to why I love Unicorn Pee. Sure, it's magical with the rainbow shift, but that's not the only reason I love it. Back before I was a certified nail polish addict I had a cute little stash of 40-50 assorted shades. One of these was Liquid Euphoria Bliss. My mom worked inventories back when I was a teen, and one night she brought home this intriguing shade she purchased while working a Hot Topic. It was the most glorious shade I had ever laid eyes on. It immediately became the star of my collection and was used frequently.

Fast forward to my early 20's and the bottle is only a quarter full and dried out. I googled like a mad woman only to find that the Liquid Euphoria brand was long discontinued. I quickly gave up hope knowing I could never spend $50+ on a used bottle of polish. I eventually discovered the indie scene a few years later, and the rest is history.

You better believe I purchased two bottles of ILNP The Magician. At $12.50/ea I couldn't pass up such an affordable opportunity to stock up on my favorite shifty pigment.

unicorn pee nail polish

For this look I decided to stay away from the typical purple/blue base and opted to go with a more unlikely pairing. This is ILNP The Magician over Morgan Taylor Oh Para-chute! (press sample). It's an odd pairing, but they work quite well together. This doesn't shift as dramatically over this pale green/gray as it would over a darker shade, but it does shift. You just have to catch it in the right lighting.

unicorn pee nail polish

unicorn pee nail polish

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Rainbow shifting unicorn pee topper
Coverage: 1 coat over Morgan Taylor Oh Para-chute (press sample)
Notes: The most dramatic shifts kept happening when I didn't have my dslr in hand... like when I was at the gym sitting on the stage. It was incredibly odd and unpredictable.

unicorn pee nail polish

Amazingly, there are still bottles of ILNP The Magician in stock!! If you haven't picked up one yet, you should jump on it. It's unlikely you will ever see such a good deal on a Unicorn Pee polish again.

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