Oddball Neon Summer Water Marble featuring Native War Paints

Monday, July 10, 2017

I love all things neon, so when I finally had the chance to wear my "new" Native War Paints shades I knew that I had to do a water marble with them. I quote new because I bought them during the November 2016 Black Friday sale.

I have fairly limited experience with Native War Paints, but almost all of their polishes water marble, so I figured I would take a chance.

oddball neon water marble nail art

For this look I started with a base coat of white. Once that dried I marbled Native War Paints Plutonium, Red Butler, Shy Violet, and Twinkle. They are kind of unusual shades for neons and a water marble which is why I felt compelled to put them together.

oddball neon water marble nail art

I absolutely adore the shimmer in all of these neons. It really helps them stand out from the rest of the neons on the market.

oddball neon water marble nail art

Products used

oddball neon water marble nail art

You didn't think I would swatch these without adding a black light photo, did you? One of the best things about neons is that they are almost always UV reactive. This totally makes me want to wear this to cosmic bowling!

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