Southwestern Cactus Nail Art featuring MoYou London & Zoya

Friday, July 28, 2017

Southwestern Cactus Nail Art featuring MoYou London & Zoya -Press sample

If you know me even the slightest bit you will know that I am cactus and succulent obsessed. My dear friend Kendahl (Firecracker Lacquer) knows my obsession well, so she gifted me two amazing MoYou London plates with cactus on them. Thanks to a little inspiration from the Zoya Wanderlust Collection, I knew exactly what I needed to do with my new plates.

cactus themed nail stamping

Look at those and tell me they weren't made for each other.

cactus themed nail stamping

I usually don't include my thumb in nail art looks, but it was entirely necessary to get the full cactus effect. The bright red/pink in my photos is Zoya Sonja. This is the same shade on my thumb and ring finger. They appear slightly different because of the way they were layered. On the ring finger I started with Zoya Arbor as my base color with Sonja stamped over the top. My thumb uses Sonja as a base with Arbor stamped over the top. 

cactus themed nail stamping

I had to include a gratuitous mani + agave photo for this look since I don't own any saguaro cactus. 

nail art products used

Products used

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