Baroness X Doomfire over JulieG Fierce & Fab

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Baroness X Doomfire over JulieG Fierce & Fab - Press sample

Are you guys over the "unicorn pee" pigment craze yet? Good. me either! Today's post features one of my favorite unicorn pee color combinations to date. I paired up the crazy bright JulieG Fierce & Fab with the legendary Baroness X Doomfire. I think the swatches speak for themselves.

rainbow shimmer nail polish

JulieG Fierce & Fab really makes the shimmer pop!

rainbow shimmer nail polish

In this lighting Doomfire reminds me of a crackling fire. I love the rich golden tones.

rainbow shifting shimmer nail polish

If you are unfamiliar with Baroness X Doomfire, this is the cabochon on top of the bottle. Doomfire is a medium purple jelly packed with the ever popular unicorn pee pigment. What makes unicorn pee so special? It shifts through every color of the rainbow. 

rainbow shimmer nail polish

Tell me these weren't made for each other! I'm going to go draw hearts with Doomfire + Fierce & Fab 4ever. Ok, not really... but you get how excited this combo makes me.

rainbow shimmer nail polish

JulieG Fierce & Fab is currently available for sale for $3.99/bottle. Baroness X Doomfire was a group custom for her Facebook fan group. It is occasionally re-released for members of the group on special occasions. If you would like to be notified of the restock, be sure to join the group!

Baroness X


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