Citrus Skittle featuring Baroness X

Monday, August 07, 2017

There are some days where I spend an hour digging through my polish stash to find the right inspiration. On this hunt I was searching for something bright and summer-like to create a skittle. What I came up with is the "Citrus Skittle".

citrus colored nail art

This look features Baroness X Citrino (ring finger) and Go Through Fire (index), Rainbow Honey Lemon Honey (middle), and Bohemian Polish Long Gone (ring finger).

Citrus colored nail art

I really wanted to tie in the gold in Lemon Honey with the other nails so I decided to top them with Citrino, a shimmery gold topper from Baroness X. The look is a simple one, but I found it quite enjoyable.

citrus colored nail art

Products used

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