Freehand Poppies + Morgan Taylor AccelErate & StripEase

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Freehand Poppies + Morgan Taylor AccelErate & StripEase - Press sample

I've been getting so much use out of the Morgan Taylor Matadora collection that I though it was time for some nail art. This look features almost every shade in the Matadora collection. I decided to go with my take on poppies and other wildflowers.

flower nail art

Products used

  • Morgan Taylor - Danced and Sang-ria, Don't Break My Corazon, I'm Drawing a Blanco, Mauve Your Feet, Ole My Way


quick dry nail polish spray

Morgan Taylor AccelErate is a quick dry nail polish spray. This dries nail polish to the touch in 60 seconds and will completely dry polish in less than 8 minutes. I did find these claims to be true in my tests. I don't own any Morgan Taylor top coats so I used another brand I had in a non-quick dry formula. Essentially, this will transform any regular top coat into a quick dry top coat with a light misting.


acetone nail polish remover

Morgan Taylor StripEASE is a fortified bio-organic complex nail polish remover with panthenol to create a barrier around the skin's keratin protein structure. I found this to be similar to other enhanced acetone removers, with the exception of the scent. I'm not sure what to call the scent, but it's light an pleasant. I think most people would find the smell agreeable.

StripEASE can be used for removal, but it can also be used as a prep step to get your nail beds clean for better polish adhesion.

All of the Morgan Taylor products featured in this post are currently available online and in participating retailers.

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