31dc2017 Nail Art Challenge Completed

Friday, October 13, 2017

I finally had the opportunity to sit down and review my #31dc2017 posts. I'm still kind of exhausted? from doing thirty one days of nail art, but I'm happy I decided to do it. Today's post is a round up of all of the looks I did for the challenge.

nail art round up

Day 1: Red Nails
Day 2: Orange Nails
Day 3: Yellow Nails
Day 4: Green Nails
Day 5: Blue Nails
Day 6: Violet Nails
Day 7: B&W Nails 
Day 11: Polka Dots
Day 12: Stripes
Day 13: Animal Print
Day 14: Flowers
Day 16: Geometric
Day 17: Glitter
Day 18: Half Moons
Day 19: Galaxies
Day 20: Water Marble
Day 21: A Color
Day 22: A Song
Day 23: A Movie
Day 24: A Book
Day 25: Fashion
Day 26: A Pattern
Day 27: Artwork
Day 28: A Flag
Day 30: A Tutorial

I had a few standout favorites, but I would love to hear which ones you enjoyed the most. Leave me a comment below with your top picks!

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