Born Pretty Store Soak Off Caps & Rose Gold Stamper

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Born Pretty Store Soak Off Caps & Rose Gold Stamper - Press sample

As you know I love Born Pretty store for all things nail art. Instead of focusing on stamping plates, I wanted to take the time to review their rose gold magnifying stamper and their silicone soak off caps.

Rose Gold Stamper

nail art stamper

The Born Pretty Store Rose Gold Stamper (id 39258) comes with a cap (not pictured) and a Born Pretty themed scraping card. Let's talk about the cap for a moment. Having a cap for your stamper is one of the best things you can ask for. Not only does it prevent the stamper from attracting lint in storage, it also protects the stamper head from potential damage. After owning stampers with caps and some without, I can't imaging buying a stamper that doesn't come with a cap.

nail art stamper

My reviews are always honest, so I really want to address how difficult it was for me to get the hang of this stamper head. There isn't anything wrong with the stamper itself, it's just different than other stampers I own. If you look at the photo above, all of my images were picking up like that for quite some time.

nail art stamper

I was determined to figure out how to best use this stamper so I played around with it for a while. What I discovered is that this size of jelly stamper requires a quick hand and light touch. Too slow, and most of the polish has dried. If you press too firmly it won't pick up the image either. As you can see in the photo above, I finally got the hang of it.

5pcs Silicone Soak Off Caps 

nail polish remover caps

nail polish remover caps

The Born Pretty Store 5pcs Silicone Soak Caps (id 39658) are hands down the best item I've tried from Born Pretty. They make it super easy to soak off glitters and other hard to remove polishes. You only need a fraction of a cotton ball and a small amount of acetone for each cap. Simply apply the cotton ball with acetone (less is more) to your nail, put on a cap and wait for a few minutes. You can remove one of two ways. Either press down on the cap and drag the cotton and cap off your finger, or remove the cap and then push down on the cotton and drag the polish off the tip of your finger. I prefer the second method because it does a better job of removing.

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