Gestural Cactus Mani | Digit-al Dozen Birthday Mani

Monday, January 29, 2018

It's my birthday month and while I'm usually forgetful about doing birthday manis, it's the Digit-al Dozen tradition to do a birthday mani design chosen by the people celebrating that month. Brethil of Druid Nails and I both share the month of January as our birthday month, so we came up with a design together. We are both quite agreeable people so I think the whole decision process took about 10-20 minutes. We decided that for our birthday mani we wanted to do cactus themed art based off of this design:

cactus themed wallpaper

Image credit goes to:

cactus themed nail art

I decided to take a more gestural approach with my look, so I sponged on my cactus pads.

cactus themed nail art

cactus themed nail art

Products used

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