Baroness X Clockwork Orange & Moloko Drengo Acetone Antidote | Polish Pickup March 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Baroness X Clockwork Orange & Moloko Drengo Acetone Antidote | Polish Pickup March 2018 - Press sample

Baroness X is returning to the Polish Pickup in March with two brand new Acetone Antidote scents. Inspired by the book and a popular move with a cult-like following she will be releasing Acetone Antidote in Clockwork Orange and Moloko Drengo.

acetone antidote vials

If you're unfamiliar with the Baroness X Acetone Antidote, you have been missing out! As we all know, acetone can cause your skin and nails to dry out, especially with frequent use. By adding a vial of Acetone Antidote to 6-8oz of acetone you can lessen the harsh result of using acetone while hydrating your skin. Bonus - it smells great and it doesn't impact the removing power of acetone.

I honestly thought Acetone Antidote was no different than glycerin enhanced acetone but I was entirely wrong. I've found that acetone with Acetone Antidote is more powerful at removal than store brand acetone with glycerin. I think the difference is due to a few more ingredients in Acetone Antidote, and the fact that Baroness X took the time to dial in her formula.

acetone antidote vials

For the March Polish Pickup, Baroness X is releasing two different scents. The first is Clockwork Orange. It's best described as a brighter version of a dreamsicle. It has a smidge more citrus to it than the dessert. The scent is delightful and I really hope she does something in wax form soon.

acetone antidote vials

The second scent releasing in March is Moloko Drengo. I would describe this as a chocolaty cookie packed with a creamy center. You know the one I'm talking about!

Baroness X Clockwork Orange and Moloko Drengo Acetone Antidotes will be available through the Polish Pickup starting March 2nd a 11am eastern through March 5th at midnight eastern. Each Acetone Antidote retails for $4.50. There is a 115 bottle cap on Clockwork Orange, and no cap on Moloko Drengo.

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