Jesse's Girl Lipstick & Glow Stix

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jesse's Girl Lipstick & Glow Stix - Press sample

Some of you may know Jesse's Girl Cosmetics from my previous nail polish posts. While they make fantastic nail polish, they are so much more than that! From lipstick to eyeshadow, Jesse's Girl has everything a girl could ever need. Instead of focusing on polish, I wanted to share their brand new line of signature lipsticks and Glow Stix.

lipstick bullets

The Jesse's Girl Lipstick line is ultra affordable at $4.99/tube. While the price is easy on the wallet, they didn't skimp on anything. The colors are highly pigmented, and the tubes are sturdy.

lipstick bullets

lipstick swatch

Swatched in numerical order from top to bottom are: Victoria, Krystal, Georgia, Yesenia, Penelope, Christina, Angeles, Ventura, Veronica, Niki, Carmen, and Elizabeth.

lipstick swatch

Niki (pictured above in natural light) is a nice medium berry shade. It offers nice, full coverage with minimal effort.

lipstick swatch

Victoria (pictured above in natural light) might be my perfect nude. I've never had a perfect nude lipstick, so I'm quite excited to have found mine!

lip gloss tubes

If twelve brand new lipsticks aren't enough, Jesse's Girl Cosmetics also released eight brand new Glow Stix lip gloss shades. Jesse's Girl Glow Sticks are a high shine, color shifting, non-sticky lip gloss that can be worn alone or over lipstick. Paired with the new Jesse's Girl lipsticks, the color combinations are endless!

lip gloss

lip gloss

If these don't give you heart eyes we can't be friends. My inner 90's kid is obsessed with these! 

lip gloss swatches

In numerical order from top to bottom: Titania, Pandora, Aurora, Nova, Cassiopeia, Astrid, Red Dawn, Wicked. The overall shift is difficult to capture in photos on lips, so I wanted to make sure to do swatches on bare skin for the overall effect.

lip gloss and lipstick

Niki shown with one coat of Aurora in natural lighting. This combo gave Niki more of a glow and a subtle color shift.

lip gloss over lipstick

Victoria with one coat of Titania in natural lighting. Titania gave Victoria a bit of a red glow.

lip gloss swatch

Nova worn alone in artificial lighting. Nova has base hues of purple and green. The purple tends to be more apparent in lower lighting as picture above.

Pandora shown alone in natural lighting. Pandora has a strong green base that shifts to purple. I found that this was one of the more noticeable shifts in the Glow Stix collection. As you can tell from my lip swatch I was quite amused that I captured the glow of this one! I wasn't kidding when I said these were a lot of fun!

lip gloss swatch

Wicked shown alone in natural lighting. Wicked is a blue-toned iridescent shade. This gave my lips and overall cooler appearance than normal.

After wearing a variety of combinations I think I personally prefer to wear Glow Stix alone for maximum oomph. Jesse's Girl Glow Stix retail for $9.95 each at your local Rite Aid or online through the Jesse's Girl website.

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