Kaleidoscope Stamping feat. Born Pretty Store Chameleon Laser Flakies

Monday, April 02, 2018

Kaleidoscope Stamping feat. Born Pretty Store Chameleon Laser Flakies - Press sample

I did a magnificent and sparkly thing all because Oksana (The Polished Koi) pushed me to give it a try. Let me tell you, it's a really good thing to have friends who push you out of your comfort zone. Today's post features my very first attempt at powder related stamping. I did a really quick test run on my thumb a few weeks back and wasn't really amused with how it turned out, so I decided to rethink the process.

flakie loose nail art powder

While powder stamping is absolutely gorgeous I learned that it's difficult to capture ultra thin lines with this method. With a bit of rethinking I decided to use an image with thicker lines.

color shifting flakie stamping

I feel like thicker lines were the way to go because this turned out much better than my test run! To stamp with powder simply cover your stamper head in powder, paint your stamping image with your desired color as usual, scrape off the image, and then pick it up with the powder covered stamper.

color shifting flakie stamping

color shifting flakie stamping

For this look I opted to use Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress to ensure that the powder had the most "oomph" as possible. The image is from MoYou London Kaleidoscopic Collection 03.

color shifting flakie stamping

Aren't those flakies lovely?! They're Born Pretty Store Chameleon Laser Flakies (#41907 color 1). They are super affordable and there was enough powder in there for quite a few manis.

Products used

Use CBLW10 for 10% off regularly priced items at the Born Pretty Store. Using the code does not give me a kickback of any kind. If the code is used enough times Born Pretty Store will sponsor a giveaway for my readers.

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