Shimmer Cat Nails feat. Born Pretty Store

Monday, April 16, 2018

Shimmer Cat Nails feat. Born Pretty Store - Press sample

It's Monday and all I want to do is be a cat. While I spent my day working my cats have been enjoying restful sleep and snacks whenever they feel like it. What a life! Today's post is a nod to my favorite animal family members.

cat nail art

For this look I started with a base of Morgan Taylor Ruffle Those Feathers. I topped that with a sticky clear coat and gently buffed in Born Pretty Store Neon Chameleon Unicorn Powder (id = 40358).

cat nail art

Normally I would move right on to stamping but I had to take a few minutes to de-shimmer my desk. One unfortunate exhale distributed shimmer everywhere... including my coffee 😬. Once the shimmer fiasco was cleaned up I stamped over my look using Born Pretty Store Cute Cat Crown Bowknot (id = 41067) and Moran Taylor Put A Wing On It.

cat nail art

Products used

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