Baroness X Be Kind, Rewind Duo + Interplanetary Shift Earrings | Polish Pickup May 2018

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Baroness X Be Kind, Rewind Duo + Interplanetary Shift Earrings | Polish Pickup May 2018 - Press sample

This might be the most excited I've ever been for a Polish Pickup theme. While the space theme was fun, I am so dang hyped for the 90's Pop Culture theme. As usual, Baroness X is totally on top of things and is bring the nostalgia hard! It's totally rad and I think you guys are going to love it.

Baroness X will be launching two items for the 90's Pop Culture Polish Pickup theme. The first item is the Be Kind Rewind duo. This duo includes an Acetone Antidote and a Rad Cleanup Brush. The second item is the ultra shimmery color-shifting Interplanetary Shift Earrings. Before diving in, I want to share a quick look at how cute this packaging is!

acetone additive clean up brush earring box

Be Kind Rewind AA + Rad Cleanup Brush

rainbow nail polish clean up brush

That shift is off the charts! I love color shifting rainbow things, so something as small as packaging gets me really exited about what's inside.

acetone additive and clean up brush

The Be Kind Rewind duo comes with one vial of Acetone Antidote and this rainbow Rad Cleanup Brush. The Be Kind, Rewind Acetone Antidote smells just like Sour Patch Kids!

acetone additive and cleanup brush

If you are at all unfamiliar with Acetone Antidote let me get you up to speed. One vial can be added to 6-8oz of plain acetone as an enhancement. Acetone Antidote does a handful of things that can really improve the polish removal experience. First (and most obviously) it improves the smell of your acetone. I don't know about you, but I've never been fond of acetone smell. Acetone Antidote has just enough scent to make you forget about the normal acetone smell. Secondly, Acetone Antidote has moisturizing agents that lessen the harsh effects of acetone. With acetone alone, you may experience dryness and even a white, powdery residue post use. With Acetone Antidote you might find your cuticles and nails are in better shape than they were before use. The third (and my favorite) perk is that Acetone Antidote extends the life of your cleanup brush. While acetone leaves brushes dry and brittle, the moisturizing agents in Acetone Antidote will help extend the life of your cleanup brush. 

nail polish cleanup brush

I adore the two-toned bristles of the Rad Cleanup Brush, so I wanted to make sure you could see them up close.

rainbow nail polish cleanup brush

The Rad Cleanup Brush handle is so dang pretty. It's a metallic rainbow that's so bright it kind of freaks my camera out. Just know that they are even brighter irl. The Rad Cleanup Brush is just the right size to clean up all types of nail art. Anything from a basic mani to a full water marble can be cleaned up with these brushes.

The Be Kind, Rewind Duo retails for $7.75. There is a 250 unit cap on this duo.

Interplanetary Shift Earrings

duochrome earring gift box

Remember how I mentioned that I love a good shift? I think you are going to love the upcoming Baroness X Interplanetary Shift Earrings. Everything from the packaging to earrings have been carefully planned to match.

duo chrome shifting earrings

The Interplanetary Shift Earrings were inspired by the oversized Surf Style "Interplanetary Body Gear" duo chrome windbreakers of the 90's.

duo chrome shifting earrings

As you move around the room you can see the shimmer and flakies shift through a wide range of colors. Interplanetary Shift Earrings are jam packed with iridescent flakies (pink to green) and pegasus pee (teal to blue to indigo to purple).

duo chrome shifting earrings

Interplanetary Shift Earrings are made with stainless steel, anti-tarnish 13mm studs with hand painted glass cabochons. Since these are made with non-precious metal, they should receive special care for to keep them looking their best. These should not be worn in the shower or pool, and should be kept free of sunscreen and hair product.

duo chrome shifting earrings

The Interplanetary Shift Earrings will retail for $11.50 each. They come gift wrapped with matching duo chrome tape ready for gift giving. There is a 95 unit cap on this item.

The Baroness X Be Kind, Rewind Duo and Interplanetary Shift Earrings will be available through the May Polish Pickup. The Be Kind, Rewind Duo will be capped at 250 units. The Interplanetary Shift Earrings are capped at 95 units. The Polish Pickup shop is open from Friday, May 4th at 11am EST through Monday, May 7th at midnight EST.

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