Striped Double Stamping feat. Born Pretty Store and Polish 'M

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Striped Double Stamping feat. Born Pretty Store and Polish 'M - Press sample

Hi there! I know I don't normally do weekend posts but I wanted to let you all know about the Born Pretty Store 8th Anniversary Celebration sale before it officially kicks off. Over the next three days I will be featuring three nail art looks featuring three different Born Pretty Store plates sent for review.

Just a little disclaimer, I did not pick out a Christmas themed plate to review in October. Born Pretty Store ran out of the sea themed plate I picked out and sent this one as a replacement. I just wanted to clear the groans before we got into this themed nail art.

striped nail art

Of all of the winter/Christmas stamping plate images I was able to find one that was a bit more neutral, though this ended up more wintry than intended due to my color choices. For this look I started with a base of Polish 'M Cinnamon Pinecones (swatches coming in a few weeks). Once that had ample time to dry I stamped over it using Zoya Presley followed by Zoya Karen.

striped nail art

Products used

celebration graphic

celebration graphic

You can use "CBLW10" in the comments section for a free gift with any order placed between October 10th and October 16th.

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