Zoya Hot Lips Holiday 2018 Gift Sets

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Zoya Hot Lips Holiday 2018 Gift Sets - Press sample

It's nearly the holiday season which means it's time for gift sets! Today's post features the Zoya Kissmas Lip Quad and all of the brand new Lip + Lip Duos.


lip gloss tubes

lip gloss swatches

L-R: Fame, Flirt, Purr, Marachino
Retail Price: $24

Of all of the lip sets available this holiday season, the Kissmas Quad is my favorite. These lip glosses are they most wearable of everything being offered. As you can see from the swatches above all four are great for everyday occasions.

All That Glitters

lipstick and lip gloss duo

Lipstick: Lucky
Hot Lips: Blog
Retail Price: $15

This was the most unusual color combo of the Lip + Lip duos but I can see why they are paired up. Both are ultra bright and make quite a statement. If you'd like to see a lip swatch of Lucky I have one in an old post here.

Snow Kissed

lipstick lip gloss duo

Lipstick: Addie
Hot Lips: Luck
Retail Price: $15

I have to apologize for not having a tube shot of Addie. When I tried to do a flat lay with Luck it was blowing out Luck to get the proper exposure for Addie. I do however have a swatch of Addie in this blog post

Fun & Frosty

lipstick lip gloss duo

Lipstick: Candace
Hot Lips: Anonymous
Retail Price: $15

I really like seeing a neutral color like Candace paired with something more playful like Anonymous. Anonymous is a bit more sheer than you might think, but they are a lovely pairing overall.

Taste of Winter

lipstick lip gloss duo

Lipstick: Bristol
Hot Lips: Starlet
Retail Price: $15

This is such a great color pairing. Starlet is like the shimmery glossy sister to Bristol. They're very close in color. You can find a lip swatch of Bristol here.

Believe in Magic

lipstick lip gloss duo

Lipstick: Paisley
Hot Lips: Hocus Pocus
Retail Price: $15

Paisley is one of my top everyday lipstick shades. I think pairing it with Hocus Pocus is a nice touch. You can find a lip swatch of Paisley here.

Holly Days

lipstick lip gloss duo

Lipstick: Matte Velvet Red
Hot Lips: Entourage
Retail Price: $15

It doesn't get any more classic than a red on red duo. While I like all of the duos, I am immediately drawn to this one. I feel there is nothing more classic than a good red lip!

lip gloss lipstick swatches

Hot Lips top row L-R: Entourage, Hocus Pocus, Starlet, Anonymous, Luck, Blog
Lipstick bottom row L-R: Matte Velvet Red, Paisley, Bristol, Candace, Addie, Lucky
Sets are paired vertically. From L-R: Holly Days, Believe In Magic, Taste Of Winter, Fun & Frosty, Snow Kissed, All That Glitters.

The Zoya Hot Lips Holiday Gift Sets are currently available through the Zoya website. The Hot Lips quad in Kissmas retails for $24. The duos retail for $15.

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