Nailmas Day 10 | Zoya Z-Wide Brush Comparison

Monday, December 10, 2018

Nailmas Day 10 | Zoya Z-Wide Brush Comparison - Press sample

Hi there! I hope you've been enjoying the #Nailmas content so far. Today's post is taking a little bit of a detour away from swatches and nail art to share the brand new Zoya Z-Wide Brushes.

wide nail polish brush

I'm not entirely certain but I feel like there are a few Zoya colors that come with these brushes already (possibly special releases?) but as a whole these are new to Zoya.

wide nail polish brush

Many people (myself included) prefer using a wide brush to apply polish because it's quite efficient. If you are custom to using the three stroke method of polish application this takes the application down to two strokes if you are precise with your movement.

wide nail polish brush

The new Zoya Z-Wide Brushes contain 60% more bristles than their Z-Classic Brushes, which means you'll experience an easier application overall.

classic nail polish brush wide nail polish brush comparison

Above is a side by side comparison with the Z-Classic Brush on the upper left (with polish) and the Z-Wide Brush is on the bottom right (no polish).

If you'd like to see a video comparison be sure to check out the short video linked below.

The Zoya Z-Wide Brush is currently available through their website. Brushes retail for $2 each plush shipping.

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