First Impressions of Color Street & Review

Monday, September 16, 2019

First Impressions of Color Street & Review - Press sample

A few weeks ago I returned home to discover a huge box of (surprise) Color Street nail polish strips on my doorstep. While I've heard of the brand, I've never actually tried them, or even really considered them. With a nail polish collection well over 1,500 bottles it never occurred to me to try out single use nail polish strips.

pattern nail polish strips

Color Street nail polish strips are made from nail polish (can confirm because they smell just like it), and say they last up to ten days. Prices vary based on color/pattern with solids retailing for $11, glitters for $12, designs for $13, French manicure for $14, and pedicure from $11-$13. I picked out one of the pedicure sets that was gifted to me to test out. I've heard "consultants" frequently state that they are great for doing a matching mani/pedi so I decided to test that route.

glitter nail polish strips

My pedicure went well and was quite easy to apply. The whole process took me about 15 minutes, with about five of those minutes with me just figuring out how the system works. When I went to shoot the video tutorial I had a totally different experience. My nail polish strips were far less tacky than before and I suspect they had dried out quite a bit in that short period of time. As you can see from my photos, the mani looks clunky at best. I think that if you are super fast you might be able to do the mani/pedi combo, but it's likely not suited for beginners. I guess that's why they advertise no dry time required.

glitter nail polish strips

Since my pedi application went much better, I'm going to use that more for  review purposes. The actual application of the strips was incredibly easy. I much prefer it to painting my toes because honestly, everyone knows pedis are a pain to do yourself. There were a few downsides to the glitter strips I picked, but I think it might be isolated to those. I found that because of the large glitter my pedi was was missing spots of polish/glitter along the edge where I tried to file off the polish in the middle of a large piece of glitter. I also found that the glitter just wasn't sealed enough to last and it started flaking off within a day. Other than that, I quite liked using the strips for a pedicure. 

In my opinion, I don't feel like the solids or glitters are worth the price. You can buy a bottle of creme or glitter polish plus a quick dry top coat for around the same cost, plus you can get multiple uses out of that purchase. In addition, glitter polish with a quick dry top coat will wear better than the strips I tested out. I think if I were to purchase these I would go with one of the design strips like the tie dye or florals (pictured above) because those are far more difficult to replicate. I'm also not really sure about this business as a whole since it does operate with "stylists" who have to purchase stock. It feels very much like all of the other "consultant" businesses. Regarding the manicure hiccup during application - I plan on trying out one of the dedicated manicure sets when time allows and I'll do an update on application then. I feel like this would be more of a fair representation of how these apply since I only ran into issues after I did a full pedicure with the same Color Street set.

If you would like to try out Color Street you can purchase them through your local Color Street Stylist or through their website at

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