How To Stamp With Powder feat. Born Pretty Store

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How To Stamp With Powder feat. Born Pretty Store - Press sample

Oh look! A new tutorial and it happens to be more fall themed. I'm making progress, even if it is a bit slow. It's been quite a while since I've done a true tutorial. I decided to share a "how to" on powder/pigment stamping because it was something I struggled with up until last week. Now that I've got the hang of it I wanted to share so that you can have success too. The full step by step tutorial can be seen in the video below, but I'll share my dos and don'ts in this post.

stamping with nail powder


  • Use a top coat over your regular polish manicure before stamping
  • Use a stamper you don't mind getting cloudy from extra pigment
  • Use a brush to remove excess pigment
  • Use a top coat over your stamped pigment mani


  • Skip using a top coat
  • Use a quick dry top coat to pick up your stamping image
  • Remove the image from your nail until you can see it fully transfer
  • Only use a water based top coat. You must follow up with a quick dry top coat after the water based top coat otherwise your design will wash away.

stamping with nail powder

stamping with nail powder

As you can see on my index finger, not all pigments attempts go well. This is what I kept running into before I watched videos from Kyong Lee on YouTube. Be sure to check out her channel for a ton of great nail art tutorials!

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