Beauty Big Bang Nature Pigment Stamping

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Beauty Big Bang Nature Pigment Stamping - Press sample

I have one more pigment stamping post for you all, and this one is a little bit different. We've explored proper techniques, and which polish seems to work best, but one thing we haven't discussed is what type of brush works best.

rainbow blush brush 

rainbow blush brush

One thing that seems to make a difference in pigment stamping is the type of brush used to remove excess powder. For this post I wanted to try out a new brush and see how it compares to my fan brush. Today we're checking out the Beauty Big Bang Large Soft Blush Brush (SKU: U4459-1C). You might have something similar but if not, it's quite fluffy and not at all stiff. In contrast, my fan brush has slightly stiffer bristles, but significantly fewer bristles overall.

After a few trials I found that while the soft texture felt more gentle, it wasn't enough to remove all of the excess pigment. In cases that it did remove more pigment I found myself gripping the bristles to provide more rigidity to the overall structure.

powder pigment stamping nail art

If you look at the closeup above, this is using my fan brush. Looking at the image below, the middle finger was cleaned up using the blush brush. As you can see, there is a significant amount of excess pigment at the cuticle portion of the nail. I can't recommend this brush for pigment cleanup, but it should make for an ultra soft brush blush!

powder pigment stamping nail art

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