Beauty Big Bang Ocean Waves Pigment Stamping

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Beauty Big Bang Ocean Waves Pigment Stamping - Press sample

Remember when I did pigment stamping and it didn't turn out that bad? I decided I need to practice and make it more of a regular thing. I'm still experimenting with what items work best, so the manis aren't perfect, but I'm really starting to the get the feel of it.

pigment nail art stamping

For this look I started out with a base of Glam Polish A New Hope. I wanted the Beauty Big Bang Mermaid Shimmer Powder (SKU: U0941) to be more opaque instead of opalescent, so I grabbed an assortment of black nail polish colors to test out for stamping. What I found was that if a polish was too thick, the stamping wouldn't transfer to the stamper as expected. Thin or normal consistency polish always produced a better transfer.

pigment nail art stamping

With any pigment stamping, thick images are much easier to use than thin images. Anything thin seems to come out kind of clunky, so I opted to use the Beauty Big Bang Ocean Themed plate (SKU: BBBS-028) since it had quite a few images with thicker lines.

pigment nail art stamping

The result wasn't perfect, but I am quite happy with how things are progressing. This seems to be much easier than learning how to watermarble.

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