Leaders Insolution Naturally Fermented Coconut Gel Recovery Mask Line

Monday, November 11, 2019

Leaders Insolution Naturally Fermented Coconut Gel Recovery Mask Line - Press sample

Hi all! I'm finally back with a new skincare post. I know it's been a hot minute since I've done one of these, but I spent the last year being more intentional with my purchases, which means I have less "new" stuff to share. I really wish I could start off by saying that I loved the Leaders Recovery Mask line and that would highly recommend it, but to be honest, this line of masks just weren't a good fit for me. When I say that, I'm not referring to the actual fit (which was not bad), but rather how my skin interacted with these ingredients. Let me also preface this review by saying that I currently use other masks from Leaders that I quite enjoy. These didn't work for me, but that doesn't mean they are bad for everyone. Skincare is an individual journey.

coconut gel sheet mask

Let's dig into the positives that apply to all of the masks in the Leaders Recovery Mask line. 

Fit: All masks were large enough to cover my face. They weren't a perfect fit as they were designed with eastern face shapes in mind, but it was overall not a bad fit. Mouth, nose, and eye holes all lined up as expected. I did do a bit of folding to fit the circumference to my face, but it was not at all significant. Once the mask was in place I had no issues with slippage through the duration of each use.

Texture: The texture of the fermented coconut gel feels a bit like a cross between a hydrogel (which tend to be thicker) or one of those fancy, thin masks. This was a happy middle between the thickness of each. Definitely thicker than a cotton mask, but not at all itchy or difficult to manage. The serum itself wasn't ultra watery. It was similar to that of a daily serum. 


balancing sheet mask

balancing sheet mask

The Leaders Balancing Recovery Mask has a fairly strong fragrance that smells kind of floral. It wasn't unpleasant, but someone with scent sensitivities may find this off-putting. I wore this one for about 20 minutes before it completely dried out, and there was no excess liquid leftover in the packaging. I found this mask to be quite sticky on my skin, and needed to rinse my face because night cream wasn't enough to emulsify the last of the serum. Within about 30 minutes of using this mask I found that I was breaking out in reaction to something in this mask. I wasn't able to narrow it down at the time and brushed this off.


moisturizing sheet mask

moisturizing sheet mask

This was the second mask from the set that I tried out. I gave my face about a week to heal after breaking out from the Balancing mask. Unfortunately within five minutes of applying the Moisturizing mask my skin started to feel burn and feel itchy. Against my better judgement (itching = bad reaction), I stuck with it and the itching started to subside. When I finished this mask I discovered that my skin was breaking out again (not normal for me), so I rinsed the rest of this mask off. The next morning when I went to wash my face first thing, I discovered that my whole face was flaky and peeling. This is not at all normal since I have well hydrated skin. 


lifting sheet mask

lifting sheet mask

Fast forward another week and I finally have skin in ok condition to try out the Lifting mask. My experience with this mask was much like my experience with the Balancing mask. It wasn't terrible, but I did breakout as a result of wearing this. This time the breakout took about an hour to happen.


brightening sheet mask

brightening sheet mask

This was the last mask I used and was significantly better for me than the other three masks. I had no issues with itching, and I only had a minor breakout after using this mask.

I wish I could pinpoint what ingredient was causing my breakouts, as well as which ingredient made my face so itchy. I feel comfortable ruling out Niacinamide, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginana (Witch Hazel)*, Xanthan Gum, as these ingredients are found in many of my other sheet masks. Since I can't pinpoint my trigger ingredient(s) I am going to steer clear of this line of sheet masks. Do I recommend these masks? No, but I also don't think you should avoid them just because my skin didn't react well to them. I didn't see any concerning ingredients unless you have an intolerance to alcohol in your skincare.

The Leaders Insolution Recovery Mask line is currently available through their website. Masks retail for $7 each, or you can purchase the variety pack of four for $28.

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