Updated Destash!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Due to the number of nail polish bottles in my current destash I am only doing mystery boxes shipped flat rate in the US. Boxes can be indies, mainstream, or a mix of both. Please let me know your preference when you email me to order. I will do my best to accommodate brand, color, and finish preferences, but I cannot guarantee that I have exact matches for each request. Boxes WILL NOT contain cheap drugstore brands (anything under $6 retail). All bottles will receive a good shake before shipping.

**Updated box quantities as of 5/23. I have enough bubble wrap for an additional medium flat rate box or a small flat rate box.

**Updated box quantities as of 8/15. I can do a couple of small flat rate boxes or one medium flat rate box.

**Updated box quantities as of 8/20. I can do one small flat rate box (running low on bubble wrap, not polish)

**Updated box quantities as of 2/11/2021. I have one medium flat rate box and one large flat rate box available. 

**Updated box quantities as of 4/23/2021. I have three medium flat rate box and three large flat rate box available. 

**Updated box quantities as of 4/24/2021. Out of bubble wrap!

nail polish in a box

To order please:

  1. Put "Polished Lifting Destash" in the subject line of your email
  2. Let me know what box or boxes you would like to purchase
  3. Let me know any preferences (strong likes or dislikes)
  4. Include your mailing address and PayPal email OR Venmo information
  5. Emails should be sent to: (courtney.boell [at] gmail)

Current availability:

  • 4 1 Small Flat Rate Boxes - Fits around 7 or 8 polishes (based on bottle size)
  • 3 Medium Flat Rate Box - Estimated 30-50 colors fit in this size (fits about 50 colors)
  • 3 Large Flat Rate Box - Fits over 100 polishes (I believe I fit around 120 in the last one)

Price shipped:

  • Small Flat Rate Boxes - $30
  • Medium Flat Rate Box - $60
  • Large Flat Rate Box - $105

Local (no contact) pickup available for residents in NW Oregon. I will subtract the shipping cost from the box total.

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