Gold Fronds feat. It Girl Nail Art

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I'm back with a little more nail art and it's actually more fall appropriate! This is another look from my archives from... last year. I really miss doing nail art, so I'm hoping I can work in more of it over the next few months. This look features a couple of items I picked up from It Girl Nail Art at the Portland Indie Shop event.

teal nail polish with gold frond stamping and red shimmer swatch

For this look I started off with a base of Morgan Taylor Flirty and Fabulous. I then topped that off with KBShimmer You Dew You to give it that gorgeous rainbow sparkle. KBShimmer You Dew You was a limited release "unicorn pee" nail polish topper. It's no longer available on the website but you might be able to find it second hand.

teal nail polish with gold frond stamping and red shimmer four finger swatch

Once You Dew You dried I applied a quick dry top coat and waited for the base mani to be dry to the touch. Once the mani was set enough for stamping I stamped over it using Essie Penny Talk and It Girl Nail Art IG122 and the It Girl Soft Silicone Stamper. That was all finished off with the Lina Nail Art Fearless Stamping Top Coat.

teal nail polish with gold frond stamping and gold to green shimmer swatch

I have to say that I was quite impressed with the It Girl Nail Art plate as well as the silicone stamper. It's been over a year since I did this mani and I can definitively say that the It Girl Soft Silicone Stamper has quickly become a favorite. I used to enjoy the clear jelly stampers because they make placement easy, but I find that they aren't great at picking up fine detail. The It Girl Soft Silicone Stamper is the complete opposite. It seems to handle all different stamping designs with ease. If you struggle with stamping I would highly recommend picking up the stamper. I was able to jump back into stamping with ease because the stamper picks up images better than the other 10+ stampers I own.

teal nail polish with gold frond stamping and rainbow shimmer swatch

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