Baroness X Griswold Family Xmas Collection + Fox Fire Wax Co. New Releases

Monday, November 16, 2020

Baroness X Griswold Family Xmas Collection + Fox Fire Wax Co New Releases - Press sample

I have oodles of fun new things to share today! Because there is so much to cover I'm going to start with the Baroness X Griswold Family Xmas Collection and then we'll check out everything else. 

new wax melts, nail care products, and nail polish arranged in a flat lay

Griswold Family Xmas Collection

winter nail polish colors arranged in a flat lay

The Griswold Family Xmas Collection consists of three colors (l-r) If You're Not Man Enough to Put an End to This Sh*t, Than I Am!, 'Tis the Season to be Merry, and Xmas 1955. If you happen to be one of the first 25 people to purchase the entire set you will receive She Wrapped Up Her Damn Cat (the bottom color) free with purchase. 

If You're Not Man Enough to Put an End to This Sh*t, Than I Am!

grey nail polish with bronze flecks in a bottle

grey nail polish with bronze flecks swatch

grey nail polish with bronze flecks close up swatch

grey nail polish with bronze flecks four finger swatch

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: a medium to dark grey base packed with bronze microflakies
Coverage: 2 coats
Price: $10

'Tis the Season to be Merry

red shimmer nail polish in a bottle

red shimmer nail polish swatch

red shimmer nail polish close up swatch

red shimmer nail polish four finger swatch

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: a red jelly with red metallic microflakies and metallic gold shimmer added for warmth
Coverage: 2 coats
Price: $11

Xmas 1955

retro xmas glitter topper nail polish in bottle

retro glitter nail polish topper swatched over grey

retro xmas glitter topper swatched over grey close up

retro xmas glitter nail topper swatched over grey four finger swatch

retro xmas glitter topper swatched over red shimmer nail polish

retro xmas glitter polish swatched with three coats and no base color

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: a glitter blend a vintage Xmas, red, pink, green, blue and snow glitters with silver microflakies
Coverage: 1 coat as a topper, 3 coats alone
Price: $10
Notes: The first three swatches show 1 coat over If You're Not Man Enough to Put an End to This Sh*t, Than I Am!. The fourth swatch shows 1 coat over 'Tis The Season To Be Merry. The final swatch shows three coats alone (no base color).

She Wrapped Up Her Damn Cat

orchid nail polish with flakies in bottle

orchid nail polish with flakies three finger swatch

orchid nail polish with flakies four finger swatch

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: orchid leaning light pink with blue to violet shimmer, holo and blue microflakies
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: This color is only available free with the purchase of one of the first 25 sets sold.

New Moon Cuticle Oil

cuticle oil with a doe foot style applicator scented with lit dole whip scent

doe foot applicator close up image

I had the pleasure of trying out two new application methods for the New Moon Cuticle Oil. The first was a doe foot applicator in Lit Dole Whip scent. The applicator itself is easy to use and makes applying a breeze. You use this style applicator just like you would a nail polish brush. When pulling out the wand you want to wipe off the excess oil from the applicator on the inner edge of the bottle. I usually find that after wiping off excess oil that the doe foot applicator has enough oil to oil both hands (sidewalls included). 

As for the scent, Lit Dole Whip is one of my top Baroness X scents to date. It's a nice, boozy version of my favorite treat! Lit Dole Whip is a blend of soft serve pineapple ice cream and rum.

dropper bottle of cuticle oil scented with Sol Cheirosa '62 scent

close up of dropper bottle dropper tip

The second application option for the New Moon Cuticle Oil is the dropper bottle. This bottle was scented with Sol Cheirosa '62. From my experience the dropper style bottle is just as easy to use as the doe foot applicator. You really don't have to squeeze the bottle at all in order to apply a small amount of oil. Gently tip it sideways while touching the end to your cuticle and it will deposit a small bead of oil. Once I drop a bead on each finger I usually rub it in by putting my fingers together cuticle to cuticle. Hopefully that made sense? Think index finger to index finger with cuticles touching. That may seem odd but it keeps my fingertips clean so I don't oil up everything I touch. 

This was my first experience with Sol Cheirosa '62 and I feel like I've been living under a rock. It smells absolutely wonderful! Baroness X describes this as addictive gourmand notes of salted caramel, pistachio, jasmine, and vanilla. It's hard to put into words because I don't find this overly sweet or floral. It really toes the line between the two scent categories for a wearable, year round fragrance. 

Vegan Matte Cuticle Balm

vegan matte cuticle balm in a jar

vegan matte cuticle balm in jar full to top of jar edge

One of the most popular products on the Baroness X website is the Matte Cuticle Balm. Earlier this year the old formula was retired and the new Vegan Matte Cuticle Balm was launched. I am so happy that a vegan formula was introduced because I'm trying to be more mindful of the products I purchase. I don't always purchase vegan, but as I replace items or purchase new items I always look for cruelty free items.

To use, apply a small amount of balm to each cuticle and rub up to your first knuckle and into your sidewalls. This is less glossy than applying oil right before taking photos which is why it's often referred to as "swatcher's balm". I know a lot of people have an aversion to cuticle oils because they linger for quite a while, so the Vegan Matte Cuticle Balm makes a nice substitution. All swatches in this post used a small amount of balm applied after removing each polish color. That gave the balm enough time to sink in between photos.

This is also scented with Lit Dole Whip. It coordinates well with the Lit Dole Whip New Moon Oil, and it gives me an alternative cuticle care option. As I previously mentioned, I love this scent so I picked it twice for a reason.

Acetone Antidote

scented acetone additives in bottles arranged in a flat lay

One of my personal favorite items from the Baroness X shop are the Acetone Antidotes. I've been using these for years in my acetone and I honestly can't imagine going back. Well, I did briefly "go back" and it was miserable. I was organizing my hall closet a few months ago (where I keep acetone and Acetone Antidotes) and discovered an unused bottle of Sally's Acetone with additive (the pink tinted one). It was miserable to use. I used to think that was the best acetone because it had an additive and wasn't as harsh as the 100% acetone. After using Acetone Antidotes for years the comparison between those and Sally's Acetone with additive are night and day. Baroness X Acetone Additive cleans better, is less harsh (no white marks), and comes in oodles of scents. Sally's Acetone required more than twice the number of cotton balls for removal, turned my cuticles a dry, dusty white, ruined my clean up brush, and only comes in a single scent. The scent thing is no big deal, but having to use so much cotton and acetone to clean up my fingers and stamping plates is borderline ridiculous.

Today I have two new scents to try: Bananas Flambe and Sol Cheirosa '62. Bananas Flambe is a nice, sweet, toasty, and boozy banana scent (just like the real deal). Sol Cheirosa '62 smells identical to the cuticle oil! It's just delightful. 

*Bananas Flambe is going to be the December Polish Pickup Scent. This will retail for $4.25 with no cap.

To use: Add one vial of Acetone Antidote to 6-8oz of acetone (I currently do about 8oz). Gently shake before each use. *For your safety: DO NOT smell the acetone after mixing. You can smell the scent on your fingers after nail polish has been removed.

Acetone Antidotes currently retail for $4.50 for a custom scent and $3.75 for a scent of the month.

Fox Fire Wax Co. Charcoal Soap Sample - Sweater Weather + Champagne Toast

charcoal soap sample scented with Champagne Toast and Sweater Weather scent blend

This charcoal soap sample was a bonus addition to my blog package. It's scented with a house blend of BBW Sweater Weather and BBW Champagne Toast. I would have never though to blend those scents together but the outcome is so cozy! I've tried a few different soaps from Fox Fire Wax Co. in the past and wanted to do a quick comparison between the versions I've tried. From most moisturizing to least I found this charcoal soap to sit right in the middle. The sea salt soaps tend to be the least moisturizing (but not drying), while the general cold process soaps are the most moisturizing. This isn't at all drying, and offers a nice, clean experience. This isn't a scent currently available on the website but there are a ton of soaps currently available including a Champagne Toast soap and a Sweater Weather soap.

Fox Fire Wax Co. - Sweater Weather & Champagne Toast Wax Melt

wax melt geometric shapes scented with sweater weather & champagne toast scents

This is the wax version of the charcoal soap sample mentioned above. It may seem silly to have so many duplicate scents, but Demi knows that when I love scents I like having them available in different formats. This was a custom wax blend of Sweater Weather and Champagne Toast. The scent blends champagne, nectarine, black currant, green & mint, apple & peach, musk & mist. It ends up smelling a touch sweet and fruity but then mellows with greens and musk. The blend makes my home feel very cozy without giving it an overtly winter/pine scent.

Sweater Weather/Champagne Toast had fantastic throw throughout my house and I ended up turning off my warmer after an hour because of how fragrant it is. My husband even picked up on the scent from 6 feet away before I even turned on the warmer. It's by far one of the strongest scents I've melted to date. Right now I have my seasonal warmers out so this review was based off a 15 watt warmer with my central air turned on. I imagine if you used a stronger warmer you might be able to smell this in a much larger house.

While this particular blend isn't available on the website you can request a custom wax blend over on this listing. A custom blend runs $13.50 for a 10oz minimum.

The Baroness X Griswold Family Xmas Collection will be available on Wednesday, November 25th at 6pm pacific. You can currently purchase any of the other items mentioned in this post (aside from the charcoal wax sample). 

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