Baroness X Blood Moon Fluid Art + Polish Restoration Potion

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Baroness X Blood Moon Fluid Art + Polish Restoration Potion - Press sample

Hi all! I am back with two fun items from Baroness X today. The first item is a limited release fluid art color called Blood Moon. The second item is a new polish thinner called Polish Restoration Potion. 

Blood Moon

red fluid art polish with gold shimmer in a bottle

red fluid art polish with gold shimmer nail art

red fluid art polish with gold shimmer nail art

red fluid art polish with gold shimmer nail art

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: blood red fluid art polish with gold microflakies
Price: $10
Notes: Blood Moon is a limited release color that will only be available until the next Blood Moon (November 17th).

Polish Restoration Potion

nail polish thinner in a bottle

This is a 4oz bottle of Polish Restoration Potion. As you can see, it's clearly large! With a collection as extensive as mine, 4oz was the ideal size to thin out old, dried out colors.

nail polish thinner with flip top

This size comes with a flip top spout. It's super convenient for use and storage. I recommend making sure that the flip top is lined up at 90 degrees, so it sticks perfectly vertically otherwise you may have a slight leak due to the spout not being aligned. 

nail polish thinner instructions

The usage recommendation is to use 2-3 drops in a dried out polish and shake well. You may add more as needed, but it's easiest to add less, and adjust as you go. It's impossible to correct over thinning, so I recommend moving slowly when trying to restore your polish back to normal.

nail polish before thinner

I'm using an old bottle of Liquid Euphoria Bliss to test out this thinner. As you can see in the image above, it's so dried out that it doesn't even budge when held upside down.

nail polish after thinner

I followed the directions on the bottle and added drops in small increments until I felt like I was getting somewhere. I'll admit I have a lot of experience with thinner, so I added more than the recommended amount in the first go. I do not recommend this unless you are incredibly familiar with nail polish thinner. 

Once I felt like I had enough thinner in my bottle I shook it periodically through the day, but for the most part I let it hang out on my desk. After 24 hours I gave it a really aggressive shake to check the consistency and decided it was thinned enough for use. As you can see in the photo directly above and below, the polish is much thinner and isn't appearing "cracked" along the edges of the bottle.

nail polish after thinner

You can see that my polish still has slight lumps on the brush, but I made a choice to stop thinning at this point to avoid over thinning this formula. I would much rather it be slightly thick than completely unable to dry.

Overall I am quite pleased and would recommend Baroness X Polish Restoration Potion to anyone who needs to thin dried out nail polish colors. Most people would be best served by the .5oz size unless they have quite a few thick colors, or colors that are completely solid.

Baroness X Polish Restoration Potion retails for $2.50 for a .5oz bottle and $6.50 for a 4oz bottle.

Both items featured in today's post can be purchased in the Baroness X shop. Blood Moon is a limited edition shade and may not be available again once it is removed on November 17th.

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